HACCP Introduction / Foundation Certificate in HACCP

½ day course

This is ideal for those working within a food setting and needing an introduction to food safety management systems.

What’s covered:

1. The importance of food safety management
2. The prerequisites and principles of a HACCP Based system
3. The importance of hazard analysis and control measures
4. The importance of monitoring, verification and record keeping

HACCP / Intermediate Certificate in HACCP

1 day course

This is ideal for those working in a food setting needing a more detailed knowledge on HACCP / Food Safety Management Systems and for those with a responsibility for maintaining that system.

Learning Objectives / What’s covered:

1. Understand food safety management based on the Codex principles of HACCP
2. Be able to conduct hazard analysis and consider control measures
3. Be able to determine critical control points to ensure safe food production
4. Be able to establish critical limits for critical control points
5. Be able to establish a monitoring procedure for critical control points
6. Be able to establish corrective action
7. Be able to carry out verification procedures to ensure effectiveness
8. Be able to establish documentation and record keeping essential to maintaining HACCP

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